#CICD International Digital Citizenship Conference

International Digital Citizenship Conference

Kursaal Congress Center. Donostia-San Sebastián.

Exploring the Digital Civilization

#CICD 2013, a growing event

#CICD 2013

The #CICD (International Digital Citizenship Conference) was first held in 2009, and has not stopped growing since. This year’s event will be the fourth #CICD, and it will be bigger than ever, not only as regards duration and number of participants, but also in relation to the scope of the thematic areas covered.

On 25, 26 and 27 June, the Kursaal Conference Centre will be hosting a wide range of talks, workshops, clinics and meetings that will analyze every aspect of the digital world, which is also having an ever-increasing impact on our lives. Under the title Exploring the Digital Civilisation, the #CICD aims to provide knowledge, encourage active engagement and foster contact between participants.

Knowledge. To understand, perceive, discover… More than anything else, the #CICD aims to promote shared knowledge. Prestigious speakers from all over the world will be sharing the benefit of their experience with participants during the talks, workshops and other activities.

Participation. To take part, receive, share, collaborate… The 2013 event will be more open and participatory than ever, with the aim of enabling collective knowledge to thrive and flourish.

Connection. To associate, articulate, draw in, link up, relate… Connecting people has intrinsic value in and of itself. Connecting people with expertise in digital matters has even greater value. This event aims to encourage the formation of networks and to foster new connections so that we can do more things, together.

The #CICD 2013 will rewrite the book. It will take you on a journey to the digital civilisation with expert explorers who have together created an event with enormous potential. The growth of the #CICD is determined by the members of the Advisory Board and the Thematic Commissions, people of renowned international prestige in their specialist fields. A group of experts which, this year, includes Garth Holsinger and Petra Johansson, two key figures in the fields of social media and digital music (respectively).

Consult the thematic areas of the #CICD 2013.


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