#CICD International Digital Citizenship Conference

International Digital Citizenship Conference

Kursaal Congress Center. Donostia-San Sebastián.

Exploring the Digital Civilization


Technology and education, opposite sides of the same coin

At one extreme we have purist educational models which seek to avoid any “contamination” by new trends. And at the other we have technological endogamy  which believes that nothing is possible or that everything is worse if we fail to adapt to the possibilities offered by the most advanced technology. Is it possible to strike a balance and adopt an outlook which combines the best of traditional teaching methods with the possibilities opened up by new technology? Should education and technology be opposite sides of the same coin?


The classroom of the future

Our current education system is based on filling a container (the human brain) with contents (information) and preparing students to sit an exam, the ... »

Digital micro training for micro jobs

The possibilities opened up by the digital world will change working dynamics forever. Even today we see how jobs are becoming more and more ... »

Khan Academy: a story of successful implementation

The Khan Academy is a non-for-profit organisation whose mission is to improve the educational model in schools using online learning dynamics, ... »

School 2.0: what now?

Just when teachers were at last beginning to feel they were getting the hang of using new technology in the classroom, cutbacks, doubts about the ... »


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