#CICD International Digital Citizenship Conference

International Digital Citizenship Conference

Kursaal Congress Center. Donostia-San Sebastián.

Exploring the Digital Civilization
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Juan Domingo Farnós
Special needs teacher

A secondary school teacher, Juan Domingo Farnós i Miró has degrees in Geography, History and Psychopedagogy and is a social-cultural and group dynamic facilitator with the Ministry of Science and Education. He is also a civil servant. He currently works as a special needs teacher (with students with both physical and mental difficulties), using information and communication technology and personalised, excellence-based aspects of the Inclusive School.

He teaches on-line courses officially recognised by the Catalonia Regional Government, and has introduced inclusive e-learning (a much more participatory, open and learner-based e-learning method) into his classes, the recipients of which are generally fellow teachers and professionals from a range of different areas:  universities, primary and secondary education and the liberal professions, among others.

He participated in the drafting of the Organic Act on the General Organisation of the Education System (LOGSE), working specifically on the inclusiveness section, and also contributed to its dissemination in many different schools in Catalonia. As a school principle, he intervened in the computerisation and modernisation of the institutions in which he worked. He dedicates the rest of his time (many hours of both the day and night) to researching the design of new social-educational scenarios using ICT.

  As part of this undertaking, in addition to collaborating with many different Spanish universities as both an advisor and a content producer, he also works with Latin American universities in almost all the countries in that region, both on-line and face to face. He has published papers in educational and ICT journals in Spain, Portugal, France, Latin American and the USA.

He teaches on courses and postgraduate degrees in a number of Latin American universities in countries such as Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia and Colombia, among others.He gives both on-line and conventional talks all over the world, speaking about education, society, ICT and, above all, people - his great passion. He was shortlisted for the BLOG AWARDS 2011, as an influential figure on Twitter.

He is currently working alongside people and organisations from different parts of the world to promote a WORLD CONFERENCE ON DISRUPTIVE EDUCATION, to take place in Latin America. Guests would include politicians, economists and social and educational stakeholders from all over the world, and the initiative is generating increasing interest, since its aim is to CREATE A NEW EDUCATION IN A NEW ERA – our era.

  His favourite phrase is precisely the slogan of this conference: “you have to unlearn in order to learn”.


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