#CICD International Digital Citizenship Conference

International Digital Citizenship Conference

Kursaal Congress Center. Donostia-San Sebastián.

Exploring the Digital Civilization
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Millán I. Berzosa
Head of Communications and Community Manager at ideas4all

An economic journalist who writes for many different media, and a consultant with over ten years’ experience in the world of the written and digital press, Millán I. Berzosa has been involved in web projects since 1998. He is Head of Communications and Community Manager at ideas4all, the social ideas network founded by Ana María Llopis, which has 160,000 users in its open version and 23,000 in its version for large organisations and institutions. Users include Nestlé, Banc Sabadell, La Mutua, Repsol and Vodafone.

Millán Berzosa currently lecturers at Francisco University in Vitoria, teaching cyber journalism, news contents and communication products to third and fifth year journalism students. He is also a part-time lecturer at ICEMD-ESIC, where he teaches “creativity in the social media”, and is an “expert in creativity and strategic planning” at the Complutense University in Madrid, with GREY and Expiga, within the “New Media” block. He regularly collaborates with the Publishers’ Unit School of Journalism and Jaume I University in Castellón.

Highpoints of his career: he was editor of Markets and Companies and head of Industry and Construction at La Gaceta de los Negocios, before it was sold to Intereconomía, conducting interviews with key figures in the economic and business world, including Juan Miguel Villar Mir (OHL, in an exclusive interview in response to his candidature for the Chairmanship of Real Madrid), Jesús Salazar (SOS Group), Julio Segura (CNMV), Dolores Ybarra (Santander Asset Management), Gaetan Bucher (IFCA), Juan José Nieto (Service Point) and Santiago Bergareche (Ferrovial, Vocento, Dinamia). Before that he was head of content at Finanzas.com, which he managed to make the second largest financial portal in Spain for four years. He was also Dircom and Comm. Manager at Comunitae, as well as a member of its board of directors.

His personal interests include travelling, and he has visited a seemingly endless list of places all over the world: on this side of the Atlantic he has been to Spain, the UK, Ireland, France, Switzerland, Portugal, Italy and Tunisia; he knows Latin America quite well, especially Colombia (where he lived for six years) and Guatemala (work camp in Tecpán in 1998 with Cooperación Internacional, returning in 2010 to visit small villages in order to gauge the impact of new technology on rural society), although he has also spent time in Mexico, Venezuela, Panama and Brazil. In the USA he has visited New York, Chicago, Boston, Atlanta and Miami.

He is the author of mberzosa.com, and is a key figure in many social media networks, being one of the most renowned names in various Internet referencing rankings. He is an active participant in technology forums and organises/has organised several events linked to journalism, the Internet, finance and digital culture. Such events include 17 Café&Periodismo meetings, open debates on the future of the media backed by the Telefónica Foundation and Acens, which were broadcast live over the Internet and (on at least 8 occasions) were trending topic num. 1 in Twitter Spain.


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